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2 min readMay 18, 2021


BY Mapalo Mulenga.

Meet Mathews Mpande, our Artist of the week.

Mathew’s is a photographer in this third installment of the Chena Air Residency Program. Passionate about photography, Mathews is always happy to click away and capture life in its moment.

What started out as a hobby inspired by his dad who loved to take photos for memories, Mathews took photography up and decided to improve his craft so that he can take pictures not only for his personal memories but so that he could capture memories for others too.

Mathews Mpande.

Mathews says he loves photography because it gives him the opportunity to interact with different people and personalities. Extending to him a social skill which enables him to adapt to different environments with different persons.

He strives to make sure his work is unique and have a signature style in the way he does his photography.

Accustomed to the environment, Mathews likes to capture nature and everything around it. His been doing it professionally for four years and hopes to better his craft by the day.

Mathews describes photography in 3 words, “life, art and priceless.” Alluding this to memories that will last for decades to come.

He notes that photography is challenging because he encounters people that are hard to work with but uses that as a learning point. Despite some of its downsides, Mathews says photography is fun and amazing because it allows for one to create something to be proud of and gives him a sense of accomplishment.

He joined the Chena Residency Program because he sees it as a platform for him to showcase his skill as well as expose him to a wide array of audiences. He believes he will sharpen his skill in photography and surrounded by nature, will be inspired to capture more.



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