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2 min readMay 8, 2021



BY Mapalo Mulenga.

Welcome to the Chena Air 3 Meet the Artist series.

As some of you may already know, the Chena Artists in Residence (AIR) Program at Nkwashi changes from time to time and this is the third instalment in the program (Chena AIR 3). Giving chance to other talented artists to come in and include their touch to the Chena Art Gallery.

Today, meet Boston Mulenga.

Boston is a visual artist that has been painting for less than 3 years and has excelled on the local art scene in just a short period of time. He took art in secondary school from 2012- 2013 but did not have a passion for it at the time.

Before deciding to become a visual artist, Boston took up carpentry, brick laying and other handy man jobs.

He is literally a man of the crafts.

Inspired and pushed by the challenges he was facing, he decided to take up art as a way to earn an income in 2018 and was something that came easily to him.

His passion and love for his work slowly grew and has since become a driving factor even after overcoming his past hurdles.

Away from the art studio, Boston is into fitness, he loves to cook and does it really well. He is a friendly happy person and crazy fun. He interacts well with others and is appreciative of the support he gets from the people surrounding him.

He looks forward to his journey in Chena AIR 3 at Nkwashi with the opportunity to grow his clientele and help discover himself even more.



Chena AIR

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